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MSL Preview | Negri vs UPB Myteam

Negri vs UPB-MyTeam
Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium

2045 kickoff

Negri squad is hoping to turn their luck around against UPB Myteam in Paroi tomorrow after strings of abysmal performances in the past few matches.

Captain, Rezal Zambery Yahya when exclusively interviewed by n9futbol.com today has spoken publicly to re-assure fans that the squad and management are working hard to improve their current forms.

Serious Rezal keen to put bad results behind him

“This is a matter of self-dignity as a footballer”, said the Batu Pahat-born. He added that the team recognised drastic changes has to be made in order to improve the squad’s fortune and hoping that Negri fans will be behind their back tomorrow night.

Rezal was also quick to quash allegations from certain quarters that the squad are in crises and insisted there is no off-field problems amongst his fellow team mates.

The good news for the fans is that Negri squad will be back on their full strength with the only doubt is Aidil Razak whose wife is expected to give birth soon.

Meanwhile, UPB-Myteam another club in financial turmoil are hoping to do well in tomorrow’s game with a few of their star players are being eyed by several big teams for loan moves in preparation for the prestigious Malaysia Cup this September.

n9futbol tv | interview with the captain

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