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MSL Result | Negri 6 UPBMyTeam 2

Negri went on riot in Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium

Negri 6 UPBMyteam 2

Braces from S. Kunalan, Shahurain Samah and Zaquan Razak was enough to lift the spirit inside a near-empty Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium in Paroi last night.

Wan Jamak Hassan’s boys went on riot in front of UPBMyteam’s goal in the first half to help Negri clinching their first win in six matches.

Negri 6 UPBMyteam 2

The first goal came on shortly after the kick off when S. Kunalan’s long distance speculative shot went over and behind the rookie goalkeeper in the fourth minute.

Zaquan then converted a penalty after S. Kunalan was brought down by the UPBMyteam goalkeeper in a one-on-one challenge four minutes after. Negri in-form winger, S. Kunalan again was on target after a solo run on the left to slot one in past the keeper in the 12th minute.

Negri 6 UPBMyteam 2

Despite UPBMyteam’s effort to pull one back with a goal from NorShahrul Idlan Talaha, star striker Zaquan Razak who missed four previous Super League matches with a knee injury showed the crowd what they have been missing when he coolly begged the fourth from S. Kunalan’s cross on the right to make Negri 4-1 up within 21 minutes of the first half.

It was Shahurain’s turn to be in the spotlight a minute after the restart when he chipped the ball over Fariq Rashid before completing his brace following a beautiful one-two play with Zaquan Razak to seal the game for Negri within 38 minutes of the first half.

Negri could have had their seventh however when S. Kunalan goal was not given by the linesman after his powerful shot hit the crossbar and went a foot in over the line before bouncing back out only for the defender to clear.

Negri 6 UPBMyteam 2

UPBMyteam miseries did not end there when their captain was sent off after reacted angrily to Alif Samsudin’s challenge and push him in the face out of frustration on the 13th minutes into the second half.

However UPBMyteam got their consolation goal they were seeking from Azmi Muslim though unfortunately the game was long over even before the second half started.

The referee

Mr Wan Jamak and his team of coaches was absolutely delighted with the reaction showed by the lads although he was quick to remind those who missed tonight’s match that they are facing a tough battle to regain their places in the starting line up.

Negri 6 UPBMyteam 2

  1. sopan gayo kito
    July 8, 2009 at 5:53 PM

    monang nasib wei
    tak pueh ati wei
    main ngan 10 org xleh score

  2. snomed3
    July 9, 2009 at 1:26 AM

    pergh tak pueh hati? kau nak berapo sopan gayo kito? nam tu cukup per weh?

    am risking myself to sound too self-righteous here but please lah bro, give them players the credits where its due yea pal?

    ps: cecubo lah tgk interview ikan dgn n9futbol before game myteam nih.

    peace 😀

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