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Friendly | Malaysia XI vs Man United

Which side are you on?
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Malaysia XI will again entertain Manchester United in an ad-hoc friendly match following the bombings of two luxury hotels in Jakarta.

The squad was due to stay at the attacked Ritz-Carlton Hotel but decided against travelling to the Indonesian capital due to ”paramount safety reason”. The club said it was “deeply disappointed at not being able to visit Indonesia” and shared their deepest thoughts to the victims of the blasts.

It was reported that the Indonesian Football Association would lose 5 millions USD from the tickets sales and corporate sponsorships.

Fans who have bought the tickets for Jakarta friendly could exchange theirs for tonight’s match at the ticket booths. However, there will be only 3000 tickets made available for the exchange.

Local fans who don’t want to miss this opportunity can obtain their tickets online via http://www.ticketpro.com.my.

Malaysia will be fielding from the same group of players available on last match as it was decided that additional call-ups would be impossible due to a short time-scale.

Youngsters like Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, Amirul Hadi, Khayril Muhaimeen and Azmi Muslim would definite be hoping to be given more opportunity to test their skills against the English champion in this re-match.

N9futbol.com wishes Aidil, Zaquan and S. Kunalan the very best in tonight’s match and let’s just hope that the fans won’t be too confused on which side they should really be on.

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