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MSL Result | Negri 1 Terengganu 1

Zaquan found his rhythm whilst Thanaraj shines

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It was a good show of spirit from Negri players as they end their Super league campaign in a respectable manner. Despite playing in front of a hand-full of Negri supporters, the players were determined not to make it easy for Terengganu in their third place bid.

K. Thanaraj who came on for Shahurain Samah in the second half once again proved Wan Jamak’s shrewd tactical acumen of the game. The bright young winger quickly settled into his position and supplied S. Kunalan for Negri’s much deserved equaliser.

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Earlier in the second half, Terengganu winger Azlan Ismail was sent to the dug-out for a professional misconduct and Negri saw that and took advantage by switching Shukor Adan from centre-half to his more familiar position just behind Zaquan Razak.

As Negri began to pile on more pressure, Zaquan who suffered a dip in form earlier on this season, showed the real deal when he persistently threatened Terengganu defends led by captain, Marzuki Mohamed with slick turns and pin-point shooting.

Terengganu was hopeless in the middle of the park during the large part of the match with Negri captain, Rezal Yahya and Idris Karim once again marshalling off Negri attacks. Their tireless runs and decisive ball-winning tackles were vital as Negri searched for an equaliser.

Idris Karim, who took over the armband when Rezal was subbed, went a foot close to seal the winner in a scramble in front of Terengganu goal in the dying minute of the match. It would have been a consolation end to what has been a disappointing campaign for the hard-working midfielder had he scored that goal.

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Former national coach, Ken Worden would have to be happy with his team fifth place finishing in the league as Kedah edged Penang 1-0 in Darul Aman Stadium and Johor FC leapfrogging them after defeating Kelantan 2-1 in Pasir Gudang.

His promising young winger Ashaari Samsudin will be doubly frustrated as his beautiful goal in the second half was not enough to win him the Golden Boots award as Nizarudin Yusof scored a brace in another match in Kangar.

Ashaari goal

Mr Wan Jamak Hassan in an exclusive post-match interview with n9futbol.com last night was happy with the determination showed but is still hoping that his young squad will learn from the magnitude of exposure this season. The video from the interview will follow shortly.

Well done lads, Hobin Jang Hobin!

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  1. August 4, 2009 at 11:56 AM

    Salam bro,terima kasih atas ulasan perlawanan antara N9 dan Trg
    ni. kalau dapat di sertakan nama pemain2 yg main kesebelasan untuk dua2 pasukan lagi ok disertakan dengan ulasan2 yang lebih terperinci.bukan apa bro,sy tengah buat blog untuk letakkan mata untuk setiap pemain yang main dan yang menjaringkan gol serta membuat umpanan.sekarang dalam proses baik pulih ,bro boleh lihat dilaman blgo saya…

    • August 4, 2009 at 3:25 PM

      pergh.. statistician (read: bookie) in the house! hehe.. anyway, first eleven list ada. goal dijaringkan oleh ashaari samsudin dan s kunalan. goal asaari tu asaari bawak dari tengah. kilik 2-3 player tgh pastu main one-two ke no 9 dan dia rembat dari luar kotak penalty burying it top left corner of the post. goal nesimilan pulak thanaraj yang baru masuk dribbled 4 player ganu dari sebelah kiri one two dgn no 13 (faiz) dan kemudian tolak ke tengah kepada s. kunalan yang tak dikawal utk dirembat dalam jarak dekat. first eleven barisan 1st eleven malam ini

      farizal (gk)
      rezal zambery yahya
      asyraf al-japri
      alif samsudin

      md alif
      tg hazman
      nordin alias
      shahril zakaria
      ashaari shamsuddin
      sharbinee GK
      shazlan alias

  2. August 5, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    ok…thank’s bro…
    lu rajin2lah bro lawat blog gua..
    gua tgh update lg ni..
    gua nak letak manager club of the month
    player of the month…
    ape pendapat lu bro gua punya blog..

    • August 5, 2009 at 2:14 PM

      blog nko mmg terbaik… dan aku puji kau punya inisiatif nak kumpul data2 ni.

      bukan senang tapi susah buat stats ni tapi kalau buat betul2 mmg meletup!

      if i may suggest that you should think about how best to present your data in the blog as it can get quite messy with so many players and details to deal with. you might want to consider too shedding the non-football related stuff and definitely stay away from politics 🙂

      i’ll try my best to scout out for negri squad whenever they play at paroi and/or when they travel away.

  3. August 5, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    alamak bro,gua kurang faham ckit b.i ni….
    aku dah siap dah semua tu dlm excell bro..
    aku searching semua info dr semua blog dan laman web negri
    ade yg letak senarai pemain tu sng lah aku nak tau sp yg main
    akunya ni sng je…mata utk yg mjaring gol,assist,x bolos dan save penalty…x mcm fantasy football bulat2 sbb aku xtau player mn yg main dan x main.jd,aku guna panduan pd video kat web bolatoday..tu pun ade stgh game yg dia x letak.tpaksalah aku rakam guna hp…tp,yg penting puas ati..

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